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Top tips for packing

We’ve got you covered

We know there’s a lot to take in and think about when it comes to home removals. From precious glassware or a bulky bed to frozen food and bed linen. What to pack and what to leave? And where to start?


Luckily, we offer a full home removals service and can handle all the packing for you. We can walk you through the process too, to put your mind fully at rest. Whether you'd prefer to do all the packing yourself, here’s our 4 golden tips for packing perfection.


Do you really need it?

Before you start packing, we advise you to spend some time to really sort through all your belongings. Ask yourself, do you really need it?


From the dusty bike machine to the old china tea set and the spare mattress, avoid packing unnecessary items. Remember, the less you pack, the less you'll need to consider and the less storage space you’ll need.


This also gives you the opportunity to sell off any of your items that you no longer need. In fact, lots of our customers sell used furniture on the likes of Gumtree, eBay and Preloved before their move, which also means some extra cash for the new home. Or, if you’re feeling charitable, many local charities would love your items.


Become a packing master

If you’re opting to pack your items yourself, ensure you have strong, rigid cardboard boxes or heavy duty plastic boxes (ask us for details if you’re unsure of exactly what you'll need). 

We can also provide quality boxes for you, and most of the time we can get them cheaper than you'll find online or in the shops. Remember, you don’t want to save a few pennies on cheap boxes if the quality is inferior, as they may put your beloved belongings at risk. 

Don’t forget the bubble wrap, paper, packing tape, scissors and a marker pen. Pack your items in groups and collections, ideally by room. We recommend clearly writing on the outside of each box what the box contains and what room it is from. For example ‘DVD collection – lounge’.

Keep track of this list on a separate piece of paper. Not only does this mean you have a detailed itemised list, but also means that placing the boxes and then unpacking them becomes a doddle in your new home.

When packing, remember to:

  • Seal the bottom of boxes with packing tape

  • To avoid breakables moving around in the boxes, do not leave gaps in the packing and protect your items by wrapping them in specialist removals white paper or bubble wrap. You can also use old newspapers or magazines (but bear in mind the ink may rub off onto your items).

  • Fill boxes to the top (but make sure they can be lifted before closing)

  • If a box isn’t full – add light items such as linen or towels

  • Close the lid for easy stacking

  • Seal boxes at the top and bottom with packing tape

  • Clearly write the contents of the box and the name of the room it's from on the outside

  • Mark ‘FRAGILE’ if it contains breakables

  • For furniture and electrical items we’ll bring specialist covers, blankets and wooden crates to keep them safe and clean


Final checks

We know there's an enormous amount of things to cover when thinking about your home packing. But here's our recommended reminder list for final checks (and think about) ahead of your move day:

  • Defrost the fridge and freezer in advance

  • Avoid watering large plant pots (this makes them very heavy for transporting)

  • Bring down items kept in the loft

  • Check the garage and shed is empty (just in case you forget)!

  • Give a final, final check of your home


On the day

We always advise to keep important and personal possessions (jewellery, documents, money, keys) with you, on hand, for safe keeping. This includes the itemised list of boxes.

Pack a suitcase of essentials for the first couple of days - clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, medication, clean bedding (and even the kid’s favourite toys). This avoids rummaging through all your boxes for such essentials.

Lastly, we recommend to arrange for babies and pets to be looked after by someone else during your moving day. 

More moving guides and tips?


We specialise in household and commercial removals in Essex and North London and offer a range of packages to cater for you. Whatever your needs, we can handle it all.


Looking for somewhere to store your belongings? Whether it’s short or long term storage, we’ll keep your belongings safe and secure. 

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