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The removal process, step-by-step

Let us walk you through...

The whole removal process can seem pretty daunting. When does it start? What do you need to do? How long does it take? The list goes on…

The good news is that we’re different from the rest. We’re thorough. We’re meticulous. We’re organised. We’ve got it down to a tee.

We also know how important it is for you to be in-the-know and to understand the process – to help you feel reassured and be at ease. Here’s how we work...

Step 1

Our free consultation

This is the first and most important part of the process...


We’ll arrange a time and date that’s convenient for you and one of our friendly removals experts will come to you - for a free personal consultation. 


This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your entire home removal needs, face to face.


The consultation will include a full room by room evaluation of your property and will be a chance for us to scale the size of the job and nature of the items that need moving. We will assess and measure any bulky furniture, check access points to the house and evaluate what size vehicle (or vehicles) will be required, along with how many staff needed.


We'll also go over packing materials and any concerns you have, as well as discuss any specialist items (such as fragile items or delicate furniture),

Don’t worry, once the consultation session is done, that's not it. We’ll always be at the end of the phone, email, or even in person, for any further questions or information you need, details you'd like to change, or simply to just recap on what's been discussed. 


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Step 2

Quotation & booking

Once the personal consultation has been done, we’ll come back to you within 24 hours with a full, detailed and broken down quote for you by email (post). With no hidden fees.


Take your time to read through the quote to make sure you're comfortable with everything. And if you are happy - and want to secure your booking – just let us know. We recommend you do give us a call in order to secure your chosen date.


At this stage, all we’ll need is a non-refundable 10% deposit to secure your chosen date. We accept cash and all credit and debit cards.

Step 3

Packing in advance

Depending on what your needs and requirements are, we can either do all of the packing, some of the packing or none of it - it’s completely your choice.


If our packing service fits your needs, you won’t need to pack in advance. We’ll arrive early on the moving date (and this will be the first half of the day – individually packing, protecting, grouping and boxing all your items, working through room-by-room. We use the very best packing materials and techniques for this.


Depending on the size of your move, we may need to start this packing process the day before your actual moving day. This means part of your items will be boxed up and stay in your home with you overnight, ready for the following day - moving day. This ensures that we’re one step ahead and can focus on removing the boxes swiftly.

Step 4

Arrival on the day

So that you’re ready for when we arrive, please ensure that suitable parking is provided for our vehicles on the removal day as close to your property as possible (this includes arranging any relevant permits and paying parking meters).


If street parking is often troublesome, we recommend speaking to one of your neighbors who can often help you out by parking somewhere else for the day. 


If suitable parking cannot be provided, we will aim to park as near to your property as possible. Please bear in mind this can add time to steps 5 and 6.

Step 5

Loading up

We’ll make sure everything is loaded up in our removal van as efficiently and as securely as possible.


With over 10 years experience, we know the order of where certain boxes (and items) should be located within the van. We typically start loading by room order, from the ground floor - kitchen, lounge, dining room, hallway and any additional rooms, followed by bedrooms and loft, and finally, garden and garage.


Our “sign off” process involves a final sweep of the property, room by room, to make sure everything required has been packed and loaded - and to make sure you’re happy with exactly what’s left.

Step 6 (the last one)!


The last, and by far, the most exciting step.


Here we’ll arrive at your new home and start to unload the marked and labeled boxes from our van.


Like the loading process, we’ll typically unload room by room, and place the relevant boxes in the equivalent rooms in your new home (with your guidance of course). This means the unpacking stage is as easy and straightforward for you. For large items where we’ve helped dismantle them (such as beds and furniture), we’ll reassemble these for you too.


The boxes are all yours to keep - you can reuse, recycle or even sell them. If needed, we can also arrange to collect the boxes, at a separate time, for free.


We’ll do another final check of the van and if your items have been in storage, we’ll mark off the boxes against our itemised list to ensure everything matches up.


That's it. We’ll then make way for you to enjoy your new home!

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